respect for the light created by the shadow

ECLIPSE is a wall ambient light. It works as a 3D art piece, also when switched off. Built from the combination of transparent glass circles and linear metal construction, it makes vivid compositions on the walls.

Inspired by one of the most magnificent natural phenomenon - solar eclipse, our ECLIPSE is made to bring the sunbeams to the interiors. Thanks to the special features of the glass, the brightness is tinted, protecting your eyes from direct contact with the source of light. Create a real light spectacle by choosing your preferred version and colour combination.

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industrial world with a human touch

ON-FIRE is based on an oval, industrial form. Thanks to its doubled light source, you can get a larger spectrum of light directed in two different ways. Made from aluminum mold, the moon-like structure shapes a solid product. ON-FIRE lamps seem edgy, but their inside is warm. They appear in both standing and hanging versions.From apartments to nightclubs, ON-FIRE brings a definite character to each surrounding.

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second life isn’t ordinary

Are you all for natural processes or do you like polishing here and there?

Choose no more, EXT offers both. It’s a hanging lamp with a contrast between outside and inside. The heart shows the true side of the material - the rusty face reacting warmly to the light, while the outer shell is dressed out classically - black and shiny, with necklaces as a detail complementing the styling.

Fun fact - EXT used to be an extinguisher. How is that possible? Having discovered its natural beauty inside, we just couldn’t let it go. Thanks to our renovation process, it can serve at your home again.

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the new heritage, designed to adapt

Some things you want to show, some things you want to hide. When it comes to LOV - it’s possible in every single form.

LOV furniture is built from a combination of spacious closets with open spaces. It appears solid but light at the same time. Each piece is a functional layout of lines, available in different colours. It can make a visible impression and fit in several contexts, from bedrooms to offices. LOV’s ability to adapt is its power. It will serve for years thanks to both: solid material (steel) and minimal simplicity.

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small flame - big difference

When do you light the candles? Frankly, each occasion is different, so are our candle holders. To underline the uniqueness of the special moments every FIREKEEPER has a one and only (impossible to repeat) surface. Made out of aluminum, they react specifically to acid bathing processes. The form is monumental (wind proof), yet small. It has a‚ cut-out shape for wax flow. Keep on with the inner-fire.

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